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Support for Life, Love, & Everything Between

In Greek, the word Zoe means “life”—in all its shades and facets. Our word “poetry” has its earliest roots in Greek, too, from poiein, “to make.” Today, we know poetry as art, something carefully crafted and purpose-made. At Zoetry Counseling, we bring the two together: we share the art of making a life.

Our counselors provide you with the tools you need to create the life you desire. We can help you navigate mental health conditions or support you in times of transition, grief, or personal challenge. With offices in Highland Park, Southlake, and Flower Mound, we’re here for you throughout every stage of life.

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How We Make Mental Health Services More Accessible

At Zoetry Counseling, we strive to make finding help as easy as possible. We accept most major insurance companies and will work with you to create the ideal care plan and number of sessions for your situation and budget. We’ll be there through every step of your journey, holding space for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Types of Therapy We Offer

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Meet Our Experienced Therapists & Counselors

Meet our team of licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed clinical social workers. At Zoetry Counseling Group, our focus is always to help you heal, energize, and discover your inner strengths. We treat mental health with an open, safe, and personalized approach using numerous methods and tools at our disposal.

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In-Person Therapy & Telehealth Services

Zoetry wants to make sure therapy is accessible to the residents in our area. We have three physical offices throughout Dallas, including Highland Park, Southlake, and Flower Mound. We also offer online therapy through our telehealth services for anyone who prefers virtual sessions. No matter where or how you meet us, you’ll have a safe space.

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Get Answers to Your Mental Health Questions

Not sure where to begin? That’s okay! Making the decision to seek help is its own challenge, and you should feel proud to be taking your first steps. To make the process feel less daunting, we’ve compiled some of the most frequent questions we get from potential clients. Find out what you need to know on our FAQs page or reach out to us today!

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Ready to Start Building Your Life?

The poet Rilke said: “You must change your life.” Whether you’re feeling held back by anxiety, stress, or even something you can’t quite put your finger on, therapy can help you make a positive change. Our team’s goal is to be your trusted partner and guide as you set off on your own personal transformation. From advanced PTSD treatment methods to group therapy, from navigating childhood growing pains to late-life challenges, we’re here for you. Request an appointment or ask us any questions you may have today. Let’s make something great!

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